This is a tribute area to Glam Gore Girls.
Glam Gore Girls was a project we worked on from 2011 - 2014. Here we will be posting updated of content from Glam Gore Girls.

Every girl has a dark twisted side to her. Some just are better at showing it than others. Those are the girls we want at Glam Gore Girls.

If you like glamour and beauty but also have a desire for blood and gore, the Glam Gore Girls is definitely for you. We combine the two opposite spectrums to give to you the sick yet enticing world that our girls live in.

From photo sets, to posters, to live action comics, to name a few, let our girls take your imagination on a dark journey. A journey filled with blood, guts, rage, sex appeal and seduction.

When you get done you'll be begging for more. The only question is, will our girls give you more or torture your desires until you can't take it anymore?
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