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Questions & Answers

We know you have questions about a boudoir photo shoot. We have tried to answer many of the most popular questions here.


Can I bring a friend to my boudoir photo shoot?

Absolutely! We do ask that you bring another woman with you as this generally will cut down on any extra nerves that your husband or boyfriend may bring to the session. Besides, this is probably a surprise for them anyway! In fact, if both you and your friend have sessions, you will both enjoy an awesome discount!


Where does a boudoir photo shoot take place?

There are a variety of locations for you to choose from. Many sessions are done in our studio. You also have the choice to Boudoir Photo Shoot Quote get a hotel room from one of our great area hotels. Some of our clients have chosen to have their session in their home.


What if I have an area or two that I don’t like?

No problem! Almost everybody does and that is why we are here. First of all, you came to a professional to help to ensure that you look your absolute best in your portraits. The photographer is skilled in posing you to make sure that your body is looking its best. Additionally, all of your final portraits will be completely and professionally retouched to make sure all the little things are taken care of. These include blemishes, cellulite, stretch marks, etc. Don’t worry, everything will look awesome!


I’m not photogenic! I don’t like taking pictures!

Yes you are! And it’s a good thing you won’t be taking any! You will be looking your best and having a terrific time and I will be concentrating on getting you the best images. You will be so thrilled that you did a boudoir photo shoot!


Do I have to get naked?

No, you don’t. We respect your comfort levels, which are established well before we begin the shoot. A boudoir photo shoot is not always about getting naked. Often times it is no more revealing than a swim suit. And implied nudity is always an option as well. Boudoir photography is about looking, but more importantly, feeling sexy, and whatever makes you feel sexy is what is important!


I have been looking at the Internet and some magazines and I have some photos that I like. Can you take a photo of me that looks like the ones I found?


Yes! We absolutely can. While we do not copy others work and try to fuse our style with yours, we can certainly capture a pose, feeling or mood, or theme of a photograph that you like. To help do this, we ask that you make an “inspiration board” on Pinterest that will guide us in this process. Your boudoir photo shoot will be your own, but inspiration from anywhere is welcome.


I have been thinking about doing an awesome boudoir photo shoot but I don’t think I want my face to be recognized on your website. Do my photos have to be on your website?


At Venus Photography we respect you privacy and your wishes in regards to sharing your photographs. While we do wish that you allow us to use the best of your images to show other women just what a great time a boudoir photo shoot can be, you can request that we don’t show your face, or that we don’t use your images at all. But we are sure you will be so pleased and proud of your photos that this won’t be an issue!


Do all of the photos on your website use professional models?

They do not. While we have, and occasionally do work with local and national models, most of our portfolio is made up of images taken with local women who do not model. We do try to make sure that each women looks her best and understand that you might think that all of them are models, and frankly, that is our goal.


I would be too nervous to do a boudoir photo shoot. Is that normal?

It certainly is, but we will work together to get past your nerves. And remember, often times a boudoir photo shoot is no more revealing that a swimming suit!


I could never pose like the women I see in your photos and in other places. What will I do?


That is why we are here. The photographer is skilled in coaching you to move and pose in ways that will flatter your body and give us great shots during the session.


I’m a curvy woman that is not a size 2. Is a boudoir photo shoot the right thing for me?

It is the right thing for every woman! Doing a boudoir photo shoot is not about being naked. It is about feeling sexy, vibrant, sensual, and having an outstanding time!


Will my photos be retouched?

Yes, they are all professionally retouched for color, composition, blemishes, and other stray or distracting marks. What we will do is use our talents to make you look amazing in the photographs. What we will not do is take twenty years or twenty pounds off of you. We feel you are beautiful as you are and we go for honesty in beauty in our photographs and try to stay true to that as much as we can during the retouching process. If, however, you have a mole, scar, etcetera that you wish to have removed from your photos, we can certainly accommodate that.


How long does it take to see the photos from my session?

This time can vary slightly, but it is our goal that you will see proofs of your photos within one week of your session. At this time, you will choose your favorites for your album and any other of our great products that are sure to please.


At Venus Photography we feel that it is a privilege to work with each client and that each client deserves our best efforts.  With that in mind, we make promises that we feel are important

The Guarantees


We guarantee your privacy at all times.  At no time will we release or publish your name, email address, photos, or any other information without our express permission.  As a photography studio, we rely on word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals.  Were we to violate your desire for anonymity and to keep your photographs private, we would not work against ourselves and there is not reason for us to do