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This should take you no more than than 15 mins not days or weeks if you’re truly interested to read and reply.

FYI: I do use this as a gauge in more than one way to help me determine if a shoot is going to happen. 1) Time it takes to get everything back to me. I’m only looking for reasonable 2) Ability to follow directions. Cant follow these simple instructions, no way you follow mine when directing your shoot 3) Communication. Cant get this back to me in a reasonable time? No problem... Just let me know! I’m too understanding sometimes but I do realize that life gets in the way. Just keep me in the loop! Everything below is to make sure we both get the proper information in order to get our shoot booked and that neither of us is wasting their own or the other person's time The ONLY tfp I currently do are some projects I have planned out and outfits I purchase to shoot. They will be shot as I intended and no I will not modify any of them so dont ask. Models do get to keep the clothing cause I only shoot them once. For every set we do for me, we can do one for you. Yes you will be signing a basic model release form.

Please keep in mind I am not out to do free shoots. I shoot trade. You get something, I get something of equal value in return. This is some basic info I need from all models of all skill levels. Please fill out completely and get back to me as soon as you're able to (copy and paste works best BUT NOT THE WHOLE DAMN THING! If its in () then remove that portion. If its an explanation, you can remove it too). You can either send through messenger or email to

*** Name (if you have a stage name on your profile) Age/ DOB Contact number ( I will no longer add you to my calendar without it) What is the best form of communication to reach you and get a response in a timely manner? Height Weight Measurements (your bra size is not your full measurements. Every model needs to know hers and updated when needed) Bust w/cup Waist Hips Dress size Shoe size Hair color and length List of tattoos and piercings Do you have your own reliable transportation? (A "ride" is NOT reliable transportation) Your availability Since I do shoot quite a few nudes/topless sets, I will need to know what you're ok with and what you're not ok with. I need your limits. This information will only help determine what concepts/projects (last minute or planned) you are suited for. If you volunteer for a project that will require you to be topless/nude... yes it could be posted somewhere on the internet just as any of the other shots could be. Experience (how long have you been modeling) Do you have any experience elsewhere that could be used in modeling? Yoga, martial arts, dance, acting..... What is your posing ability? (scale 1-5) Be honest How well do you take direction? (scale 1-5) What are your hair/makeup skills? (scale 1-5) Do you have an online portfolio? Please provide link Because this has happened more than once, it has become necessary to add this question in... You see what I shoot. I’ve told you what I shoot. Are you going to have any issues with your job, family or significant other about shooting? Three recent images. I prefer cell pics over professional (anything retouched). No weird angles or posing, straight on. Head shot. Two body shots. Front and side views from the thigh up. Underwear or bikini bottoms will work. Due to the images I mainly shoot, I just want to see how everything sets naturally and without Photoshop. Yes I am asking for topless. I do not like surprises The reasoning behind this is because I furnish wardrobe for over 75% or the sets I shoot. Since I do not allow bras/underwear on my sets (unless its part of the look for that set), I need to see how everything sets naturally. No I do not Photoshop. I do not own Photoshop. So if your breast, naturally, will not look right in an outfit, we find one that they will. If you have larger areola or smaller, lighter in color or darker this allows me to see. Some outfits/top will work better and I know the amount of editing required to make FB/IG safe for posting beforehand. Same goes for your tummy and your bum. The alternative would be for you to come visit me, strip and then let me see first hand what I have to work with. (in case you didnt catch it, that last comment is sarcasm) **** Keep in mind that I will not schedule your shoot if: You have ever scheduled with me before and if for any reason other than your early departure from this plane of existence prevented you from making your shoot, then you're automatically disqualified from any tfp until I say otherwise. I do not have a good contact number. I want a way to reach you outside of Facebook if need be. If you are relying on someone else to get you to your shoot. I dont need to have someone else not even associated with the shoot to ruin it. If you have issues going on in your personal life that could prevent you from making your shoot. Get them handled first then we'll talk. How I conduct my shoots I'm all about having fun, productive shoots. No stress, no drama. Lets keep everything on a positive note. The best way I can describe what I do is Raw and Edgy. When I say Raw I mean I'm a minimalist. I do what I have to to get the shot from the camera. I will shoot minimal wardrobe/accessories. I will do minimal editing in post. I do not own Photoshop. All editing is done with Lightroom. Also, I like Raw Emotions. I want the viewer to feel what you’re showing to feel. When I refer to Edgy I mean we draw a line in the sand of what we're working on and take it to the edge of the line. We step on that line. We just try not to cross it. If you need help posing, I will provide coaching for you. I will never hide from you details of a shoot. You will know beforehand how much exposure (if any) will be shot. If you have reservations about it or someone close to you or your job will not approve of you doing that shoot then dont do it! Simple. My policy has always been that no image I have ever taken will make or break me. If you need to have an image removed at a later date due to a job, I have always done so. Due to recent and past events, I'm trying to nip some of this in the bud before the shoot ever takes place. Exceptions- If you have never shot nude/topless and and wanting to try it out or if during the course of the shoot we get the “oops” shot and it needs to stay off the net, I do not post without your permission. For those wanting to try out nude modeling. This does NOT mean I will just shoot you nude for any time frame with the knowledge that they may never be used unless we’re doing other sets that can be used. I dont shoot for free. I try to schedule shoots for the afternoon til sunset during the warmer months. When its cooler and the sun is not so harsh, then any time of the day. I suggest you plan nothing else for that day after the shoot. This is because I'm tired of planning a 3-4 hour shoot due to multiple locations and outfits and then being told we only have 1-2 hours because you have something else going on. Sorry but I'm gonna be selfish on this one... I TAKE PRIORITY! Everything else can piss off til another day. In the past I have been infamous for shooting Marathon Shoots. 8+ looks for 6-8 hours at multiple locations without me breaking a sweat. Most models, especially when its hot outside cant handle that. Currently I'm limiting all trade shoots to 3-6 looks. Most around four. This should keep shoots to under 3 hours if we shoot at 2-3 locations. You will have your photos (full shoot) back to you usually within 2-3 days unless I tell you otherwise. I do upload to Dropbox. I urge you to remove them as soon as possible. My space is limited and I will remove them myself without warning in order to make room for the latest shoot to be uploaded. You didnt have to wait weeks to get them and I dont want to wait weeks for you to remove them. Yes I do maintain ownership of the copyright. I grant you usage rights for personal and professional purposes. References- I have a ton of them! I tag all of my images to either the model’s personal profile or Facebook Fanpage unless asked not to due to content and they have family on their page. You can contact any of them if you wish to vouch for my conduct on a shoot. Several I have shot several times (New models I urge you to do this with EVERY photographer you’re looking to shoot with) Joe Pool Lake- I have free access to Lynn Creek Park on Joe Pool Lake. I also have a annual pass to Cedar Hill State Park. As long as we go in the same vehicle, we get in for free. I ride a motorcycle. We can either ride on my bike weather permitting and we can fit everything need on it or take your vehicle. Either works for me. If you choose to just meet at either location, you are responsible for your own admission fees. LCP- $10 per car. CHSP- $7 person. Sometimes I shoot both locations the same shoot. Other locations- I can and will shoot all over DFW. Just depends upon the outfits being shot. What can I get away with and where. Where I will be posting the images- They could find themselves at any of the following sites: Facebook Instagram Tumblr Patreon Model Mayhem My website ( They may also be used for submission to online magazines What I expect from you- Professionalism! This means maintaining communication til we start shooting. If anything changes since our last that will affect the shoot, I need to know ASAP. Showing up to your shoot on time (15 mins early is on time. On time is late). Showing up Shoot Ready. This means hair, makeup, nails are done unless (on the RARE occasion) and MUAH is provided. You just need to be put into wardrobe and ready to pose. Well rested. No partying from the night before. Bring water and light snack. Have your Model Bag ready. (I have a list of things you should ALWAYS have in it) I do not mind you bringing ONE helper along. They will be put to work carrying bags and playing look out if need be. This person should be fully aware of what we will be shooting and cannot interfere in any way with the shoot. No you cannot bring a damn entourage to your shoot. People are distractions. People get bored and want to leave. The more bodies you have that dont need to be there, the more opportunities there are for the shoot to get cut short unnecessarily and no I will not reschedule. Cancellations/Reschedules- I have a One Strike Policy for No Shows and Last Minute Cancels. I will reschedule at my discretion... maybe. If I have notice (can vary based upon the reasoning) then we have a better chance of rescheduling. If I have wardrobe set aside for you shoot, I will probably not hold it for very long. When you cancel last minute or just flat ass out no show/no call, you not only waste my time (which is worth more to me than yours is) but you also cost someone else the opportunity to have shot that day. Its a very selfish thing to do and I dont tolerate it. Do it to me chances are slim I will schedule you again on a tfp basis. EDIT: If your shoot included studio sets and I dont have at least 24 hours notice and I have no replacement for you, then I will expect reimbursement for for the studio time before we even discuss rescheduling I believe that covers about everything. If you still have ANY questions.... ASK!